Sale price$325.00
Size: Harrow
Grade: Grade 1
Stickers: Colt


The new Dark Horse Colt is handcrafted from Grade 1 English Willow and is available in harrow, size 6 & size 5. A mid-low sweet spot with a duck bill finish which will help young players with the weight distribution and provide maximum hitting power. Have the option of choosing which stickers you'd like on your new bat. 


  • Profile: Concave profile with a duck bill finish 
  • Sweet Spot: Mid-low sweet spot 
  • Choose from Grade 1 or grade 2 English Willow
  • Edges: Huge edges for junior bat with edges around the 35mm-40mm mark 
  • Face: Semi-round bat face to reduce twist
  • Handle: Quality handmade-semi oval 12 piece handle giving strength, power and twist protection 
  • Fibre glass or extra tec protection face can be added free of charge. Please let us know if you'd like the done

* Pre orders will be dispatched on the 10th of August.


Harrow: 2lb 4oz - 2lb 5oz

Size 6: 2lb 3oz - 2lb 4oz

Size 5: 2lb 2oz - 2lb 3oz

Size 4: 2lb 1oz - 2lb 2oz