Dark Horse Cricket was formed in 2018 by current professional cricketer Nick Selman who plays for Glamorgan CC over in UK and for the Sunshine Coast Scorchers with the aim to provide the best quality bats and softs gear at an affordable price. Here at Dark Horse Cricket all our cricket bats are hand crafted, pressed and finished by our master bat maker in the UK. Regardless of what level you play we ensure that all players using Dark Horse Cricket bats have the best possible bats. 

All of our bats are individually hand crafted by our master bat maker who is regarded as one of the best in the world. Professional players from all over the world have used bats made from our bat maker and it shows in the quality of bats we have in stock. The difference in our bats to any other is the way there pressed. Each blade is triple pressed on a unique press, developed and perfected over time to get the perfect level of high performance; an increased bow, softness and life expectancy from the blade. This is an important element of bat making that has been learnt from years of experience. 

We understand that picking up a bat and feeling the weight and balance is imperative before purchasing a cricket bat so if your based on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane and after a new cricket bat, get in touch and we'll be more than happy come to your club and show the bats we have in stock so you can be confident in picking out an absolute belter! 

To us quality is everything. For any queries or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us via our email darkhorsecricket@gmail.com or through any of our social platforms.